Squamish Kiteboarding Lessons

All Squamish kiteboarding lessons are set out to the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) Standards and tailored around you- the student, so that all the important aspects of kiteboarding safely are covered.  This way you will get the most out of your lesson at your pace, ability and needs.

– Experienced IKO instructors
– Boat assisted for all water lessons to ensure you are safe.
– All equipment is provided.


A variety of lesson types are available to choose from. Be sure to inquire with our friendly staff and read each description carefully here to be sure you are booking for the best suited lesson.

All lessons are boat assisted. Beginner students will learn to fly the kite with the kite attached to the boat. This is the safest method as any mistakes made will have no consequence on the student. This also eliminates any fear and maximizes progression. After learning to pilot the kite, students will quickly enter the water to learn body dragging and try their first water starts.


All your Squamish Kiteboarding lessons, all gear is provided. You will be set up with kites, boards, wetsuits/drysuits, harness, helmets, lifejackets and booties. If you have your own equipment you would like to use we just ask that you arrive 30-40 minutes ahead of your lesson time to ensure that we have your bar properly rigged for a drift launch.

Squamish kiteboarding lessons are available anytime the wind blows. The summer season can start as early as March and last into late October.


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