Squamish Kiteboarding Lessons

All Squamish kiteboarding lessons are set out to the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) Standards and tailored around you the student, so that all the important aspects of kiteboarding safely are covered.  This way you will get the most out of your lesson at your pace, ability and needs.

– Experienced IKO instructors
– Boat assisted for all water lessons to ensure you are safe.
– All equipment is provided.

The 1 hour Basic trainer lesson:  Dip your toe in.
Want to see if kiting is for you? This is a quick way for you to get a feel for kiteboarding. We cover simple kite set up and wind theory to get you flying the trainer kite.
– Dedicated one person lesson: $50 for 1 hour.
– Bring a buddy and learn two-gether: $75.
– Group of four: $100.

The 3 hour lesson: Great water work and experience the board.
This lesson includes a kiteboarding review, rigging and safety systems and getting onto the water. Here I give you the best techniques for body dragging with the kite in the water and first experience with the board.
– Dedicated one person lesson: $300
– Bring a buddy and learn two-gether: $250 per person

The 4 hour lesson: You’re riding and Stoked!
A great start to becoming a confident rider. I will cover with you all the aspects important to learning to kiteboard. I will take you through body dragging efficiently to water starts to getting you up and riding on the kiteboard. And as always I will work with you on the important self rescue.
– Dedicated one person lesson: $360.
– Bring a buddy and learn two-gether: $300 per person.

The 2 day – 8 hour lesson: The Full-on Kiteboarding Exprience!
Learning over the 2 days (4 hours per day) will give you the best way to remember and put into practice what you’ve learned to get you kiteboarding confidently to IKO lesson standards. I will take you through the whole kiteboarding package, and by getting maximum kite flying time, this is the best way to get into kiting to progress safely and quickly.
– Dedicated one person lesson: $600.
– Bring a buddy and learn two-gether: $500 per person.

2 or 3 hour Refresher: Just watch me go lesson!
Had some lessons but want a bit of time to build your skills and confidence with peace of mind. I will  take you upwind into clear open water and follow you in my boat just to make sure you are safe while providing you with tips on your skills and technique.
– Dedicated one person lesson: $100 per hour

At your Squamish Kiteboarding lessons, all gear is provided. You will be set up with kites, boards, wetsuits/drysuits, harness, helmets, lifejackets and booties. If you have your own equipment you would like to use, just let me know at your booking time.

On completion of your first land lesson I recommend buying yourself a 2m or 3m trainer kite – this really helps your skill development and can increase the speed of your learning curve when you get to the water lessons.
* Success depends on the abilites of each individual.

Email Mark, call: 604-849-1776