Kiteboarding Vancouver 

Great Kiting in a Beautiful City

Kiteboarding Vancouver has great kite board locations around this world class travel destination. It is also close to many nearby kiting spots on Vancouver Island and Squamish.

Kiteboarding Vancouver is found in a few key areas on the outskirts of this large metropolitan area. This part of the coast is surrounded by ocean with steep mountains dropping sharply into it. Sandy beaches are at a premium and therefore during the warm summer months kitesurfing is restricted from the City of Vancouver beaches. Winds unlike Squamish are unpredicatable and unreliable to some extent. ‘You just have to be on it!’ That said when you do catch you spot working, you will have some awesome sessions.

Kiteboarding Vancouver Kite Facts

Best winds: spring,fall and winter – (all wind directions)
Wind Conditions: 12 – 35knots
Water Temp: Full wetsuit plus accessories
Water Type: Flat water, waves and chop
Weather: sun, rain, snow
Nightlife: Yes – restaurants and clubs – ishe has it all!

The Main launch spots in metropolitan Vancouver include:

Ambleside: South west and West winds. Fun waves can be had here as swells come out of deep channel -Its also a great setting under Lions Gate Bridge. This Beach like other city beaches is closed in Summer months – May to August.  Watch out for surfers and other boats.

Spanish Banks @ Jericho: West wind and East. Kiters here have to launch on the most west side of the beach area in order to remain out of the City of Vancouver restricted area. It is a a busy area both in and out of the water so use caution and try not to end up downwind. The tide can be out quite far providing a long walk from the beach to the water. This spot works best on Westerly wind and the stronger the wind the larger the swells.

Crescent Beach: SW, W, and NW winds. Long walk if tide is low – best when tide is above 2 m or 6 feet.

Boundary Bay – 72nd street: -All wind directions. This area is a great beginner spot located in a suburb south of Vancouver, Tsawwassen. It is very shallow and works in most winds. The water is generally quite smooth and flat. Park at end of 72nd

Tsawessen Ferry Terminal: NW, W, SW wind. Great flat water spot behind the causeway. Take the road on the south side of the ferry terminal causeway to access. Once tide is below 5 feet the Terminal is not great for kiteboarding.

Bounday Bay 3rd Ave: SE or East wind. Best winds in the fall, winter and spring. Long walk to get to the water at low tides.

Good places to fly trainer kites include:

Vanier Park near Kits point.
Garry Point Park in Steveston. Wide open, no significant trees.



Squamish Kiteboarding Lessons

All Squamish kiteboarding lessons are set out to the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) Standards and tailored around you- the student, so that all the important aspects of kiteboarding safely are covered.  This way you will get the most out of your lesson at your pace, ability and needs.

– Experienced IKO instructors
– Boat assisted for all water lessons to ensure you are safe.
– All equipment is provided.


A variety of lesson types are available to choose from. Be sure to inquire with our friendly staff and read each description carefully here to be sure you are booking for the best suited lesson.

All lessons are boat assisted. Beginner students will learn to fly the kite with the kite attached to the boat. This is the safest method as any mistakes made will have no consequence on the student. This also eliminates any fear and maximizes progression. After learning to pilot the kite, students will quickly enter the water to learn body dragging and try their first water starts.


All your Squamish Kiteboarding lessons, all gear is provided. You will be set up with kites, boards, wetsuits/drysuits, harness, helmets, lifejackets and booties. If you have your own equipment you would like to use we just ask that you arrive 30-40 minutes ahead of your lesson time to ensure that we have your bar properly rigged for a drift launch.

Squamish kiteboarding lessons are available anytime the wind blows. The summer season can start as early as March and last into late October.


Squamish Kiteboarding School

Squamish Kiteboarding School is located in downtown Squamish, on the corner of Second Ave and Vancouver St. At out location are a variety of amenities available for our students and clients to use.


Our shop is fully stocked with the latest Ocean Rodeo and Airush gear as well as consignment gear. Our admin staff are available daily from 10am-5pm or anytime by appointment.


Squamish kiteboarding school provides world class kiteboarding lessons by highly trained and qualified instructors. All lessons are boat assisted. Lessons begin from our downtown shop location, where students will meet their instructor and get suited in the necessary cold water gear. They will then head down to the Squamish boat launch and head out into the sound for some amazing wind conditions.

Boat assisted lessons allow us to bring out students to uncrowded  areas of the bay and to find the most suitable conditions based on the students ability and comfort level.


After spending a few hours in the cold Howe Sound waters, come back to the shop and enjoy our hot water facilities.

Squamish Kiteboarding School runs throughout the summer months as long as the wind blows. The season can start as early as March and last through October.